Typical questions and answers

Q1. What is the Small-scale test plant?

It is called as the Small-scale test plant which is 100Kw type and placed this time
Its’ size is half of the 2MW demonstration plant of which length is 170m and scheduled to be
placed on fiscal year 2013.

Q2. What is Hybrid spar type?

It’s a frontier technology in Japan.
By using steel for the upper portion of the spur and concrete for the lower portion, the center of
gravity of the windmill is lowered and stability of the windmill is increased.
Also, reduction in cost is performed by using purely domestic concrete.

Q3. How much weight does the test plant have per unit?

It has approximately 400ton per unit and it keeps balance by infusing 30ton seawater into
the inner space of the lower portion of the spur.

Q4. Is there any possibility of the fall of the windmill?

No, there is no possibility of the fall.
It is designed to return to the original position form any inclination like a roly-poly.

Q5. Is it true that windmill is reused?

Yes, it’s true. The windmill which had been used at Izena Island, Okinawa prefecture for ten
years were made renewal and used.

Q6. What kind of countermeasure is taken in the case of Typhoon?

By stopping the rotation of the rotor, the windmill can fend the wind force when the wind speed
surpassed the limit during Typhoon.

Q7. Haw many households are supplied with the generated electricity?

The small-scale test plant is 100KW class of windmill and has power for supplying to about 40

Q8. What kind of use is planned for the generated power?

It is planned to be supplied to the people of Goto archipelago including Kabashima Island by
linking to the line of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc..